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How do I evaluate autism IQ correctly?


If we conduct an IQ intelligence test to evaluate the cognitive abilities of children with autism, will the results be accurate?

Wouldn’t an intelligence test have the correct results? I’m sure there are people who think that.

So, how can we correctly evaluate the cognitive abilities of autistic children?

You should be able to properly assess the fundamental difference between current and potential intelligence in autistic children.General intelligence tests do not work for autistic children! sim

In modern medicine, intellectual and autistic disorders are identified as the same and this is where an error occurs.

Dr. Laurent Mortron, a Canadian autistic researcher, argued that 75% of statistics that indicate autism is mental retardation are wrong.

This is the result of Wexler’s intelligence test.The Wexler Intelligence Test includes questions about language and concepts of learning.
But applying this test to autistic children is problematic.

Nonverbal tests that can test reasoning ability<Raven progressive navigation test; RAVEN’S PROGRESSIVE MATRICES>The average intelligence score is 30 points, which is said to be high.With this level of results, most children with autism are in the normal categoryThere is a high possibility of going to the gifted category.

It is a problem that hastily formalizes the low intelligence during a developmental test.

As a result, parents become very frustrated and often give up hope for treatment. It is a pity that they think their children have low-intelligence.

What is the fundamental difference between current intelligence vs. latent intelligence?

(IQ) What is an IQ? ─

1) Effectively grasp abstract concepts.
2) Get information about the relevant environment.
3) Determine individual abilities to adapt to new situations.

– 1) To effectively grasp abstract concepts? First of all, the ability to understand abstract language must be stated.
– 2) To get information about your environment? It is possible only when the sensory system is stabilized.
– 3) What is the individual’s ability to adapt to the new environment? It’s a natural ability.
Q. What is the IQ of autistic children?
Currently, the intelligence of an autistic child is estimated to be 75 percent intellectual disability.


Potential intelligence can be evaluated when language skills are restored and sensory disorders are normalized.The current intelligence of autistic children is very low, but the potential intelligence is estimated to be very good.

How can I estimate the potential intelligence of autistic children?

1. The most accurate way to determine this is after autism improves!

For example, children who start speaking, or children who start speaking and reading writing.

2. Age + the regression period is very important!

After adolescence due to severe autism, many of them may result in an intelligence decline. ​

3. There are indicators to estimate potential intelligence!

▶ Language: The better the language ability, the better the perception.
▶ Acquisition of letters & numbers: Pattern recognition and mathematical ability are estimated to be good.
▶ Level of instruction performance & speed of acquisition of new instruction performance : Estimation of learning ability is possible.
▶ Gap with peers: <Social Maturity Test> The smaller the gap, the higher the child’s perception is.
▶ Degenerative period: The longer the regression period, the more inevitable cognitive damage is.

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