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The key to the development of autism treatment - Herbal medicine and intestinal microbes

The key to the development of autism treatment – Herbal medicine and intestinal microbes


When I say that I use herbal medicine to treat autism, people look at me with suspicion. Autism spectrum disorder is a brain disease considered incurable because it is an incurable disease that causes severe disabilities. Therefore, many people are convinced that it cannot be corrected with poor tools such as herbal medicine and criticize the sale of medicine as a trick.

It’s understandable that people think that way. But if you change the problem and ask the question, things change. ‘Can herbal medicine be used to cure constipation? Can Chinese medicine cure diarrhea? Can Chinese medicine cure stomach pain? Can herbal medicines be used to cure bad bowel movements?’. If this is the case, things will be different. This is because herbal treatment is recognized as an excellent treatment for irritable colitis of unknown causes. No one will consider the absurd claim that digestive disorders or bowel disorders can be cured with herbal medicines.

If a cure to fundamentally cure autism emerges, it will likely be made from a device treatment system. In 2017, a joint research team from four universities, including Arizona State University, announced that autism symptoms could be improved by treating gut bacteria.

The research team washed all the intestinal bacteria of autism patients. Then it injected the intestinal bacteria extracted from the feces of healthy people into the patient’s intestines to change the composition of the intestinal bacteria. As a result, it was found that there was a 20-25% improvement in social skills and sleep habits. Three of the 18 test participants also markedly improved from aphonia to speaking.

Isn’t it surprising that autism can be cured simply by injecting normal intestinal bacteria into the intestines of autistic patients? In the end, it became clear that the root cause of autism is the proliferation of harmful bacteria and the decrease in beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Encouraged by this, the research team plans to apply the treatment or treatment for autism to actual clinical trials after further expanding clinical trials. If this plan succeeds, the day will come when autism can be cured simply by taking a drug that changes the composition of the gut bacteria. The problem is that it takes a lot of research time to uncover the identity of the bacterial flora involved in autism.

Now, let’s focus on treating the colon with herbal medicine. Treating chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea using oriental medicine is a process of changing the composition of intestinal bacteria. In particular, eliminating the terrible smell of feces or air pollution through herbal medicine treatment is direct evidence that the abnormal proliferation of harmful bacteria is controlled.

One of the main reasons herbal medicines are effective in treating autism spectrum disorder is that they alter the activity and composition of the intestinal flora. Herbal treatment does not directly kill or reduce intestinal bacteria. It is to change the intestinal environment and normalize the balance of intestinal bacteria. As a result, the treatment effect shown in the laboratory at the University of Arizona appears in reality.

The abnormality of the cranial nerves that form autism is not a solid disorder. It is a disorder that can easily change to the extent that a person can become normal by changing intestinal bacteria composition. Until a new drug that completely changes the composition of intestinal bacteria emerges, I believe that proper prescription of herbal medicine will be a hope for people with autism.

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