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Is autism treatment not effective for elementary school students because it is too late?

Is autism treatment not effective for elementary school students because it is too late?


When you feel that your child has an abnormality at some point,
There are many cases where we simply think that a child who develops slower than other children is just a slower pace.

There are many parents who do not consider this to be a big problem but go to the medical staff because they feel anxious about the gaps and symptoms that gradually appear different from those of their peers.

And after the child was diagnosed with autism, he felt hopeless that he had missed the time for early treatment.
There are also sad stories of people giving up on autism treatment itself.

However, I want you to know that there are many children in elementary school who show marked improvement after treatment.

Why is early treatment emphasized at an early age?
Why is it that it is difficult to treat autism after getting older?

This is because the fixation of degeneration is in progress.

① First. Sensory processing disorders become fixed.
The child becomes more and more comfortable with the autistic sensory processing disorder.

② Second. Intellectual impairment progresses and intellectual disability progresses.
This may lead to a decrease in social learning ability.

③ Third. The gap in social development level with peers widens.
Therefore, the degree of social isolation is inevitably strong.

What if I missed early treatment when I was young?
What is the response to treatment for autism after getting older?

① First. Sensory processing disorders are reversible even with age.

② Second. If the learning ability is maintained with little intellectual impairment, social learning ability to reduce the developmental gap can be exhibited.

Even if you start autism treatment in elementary school, you can aim for normal development in the following cases.

1) Children who are able to use the language and who are capable of learning at the lower grade level.
2) In case of Asperger’s syndrome but mild autism spectrum disorder

Although normal development is difficult, there are cases where the goal of relieving autism symptoms can be:

1) In case of intellectual impairment due to marked decline in language ability and learning ability
2) Normal development is difficult, but basic social communication skills can be restored.

My child is already in elementary school, and I missed the early treatment period.
If I start treatment now, will it really work?

In conclusion, Dr. Tomato Kim Moon-ju’s answer to the above question is,
Even if the child becomes an elementary school student, if the correct treatment for autism proceeds, the symptoms can be markedly improved.
For the future of living with children, I want to tell you that you should never give up treatment just because it is too late.

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