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Autism is a disease, not a disability or disorder!</br>1. Disability vs Disease, don't get frustrated with the diagnosis!

1. Disability vs Disease, don’t get frustrated with the diagnosis!

What is the difference between a disability and a disease?

Autism is often referred to as a ‘disorder.’ Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder. A disorder is a medical condition that may or may not give rise to a disability, depending on its severity. Disability is the functional disadvantage suffered by a person affected by that condition.

If you cannot sleep for an unknown reason, it is called a sleep disorder, if you blink for an unknown reason, it is classified as a tic disorder, and if you are depressed for an unknown cause, it is classified as a depressive disorder. Autistic disorder is an unknown cause, but it means that you have a disability in social interaction with people and are immersed in a world of your own.

On the other hand, some diseases are classified as ‘diseases.’ When you have a disease, you typically have a specific issue that your healthcare provider can diagnose. While a disorder is a disruption in your body’s normal functions, the cause of which can be unknown and subjective, the cause of the disease is obvious. Diseases have particular signs and symptoms.

For example, a cold or corona caused by a viral infection is infectious. Like rheumatism or thyroid, it is an autoimmune disease caused by autoimmune inflammation. Injuries caused by injuries are classified as traumatic diseases. DISEASE usually has a treatment or control method. Therefore, the doctor can explain the treatment plan to the patient with clear treatment prospects. But unfortunately, autism is classified as a disability, not a disease.

As autism is expressed as DISORDER, it seems to give parents of young children more than fear, reminding them of disabled people such as cerebral palsy, gait disorder, and visual impairment.

However, medically, DISORDER does not necessarily mean irreversible, so parents have no reason to be afraid. The problem is that when a diagnosis of DISORDER is made, the doctor is virtually unable to suggest a treatment plan.

In this case, only symptomatic approaches to suppress symptoms are recommended.

For example, in the case of a sleep disorder, a person is given sleeping pills to get to sleep.  Attention disorder is controlled by feeding the arousal component that causes extreme tension and induces excessive tension in daily life. This is not a treatment for the underlying cause. If you stop taking medicine, the symptoms will return soon.

There is no symptomatic medicine itself for autism disorder. Therefore, if the child is overexcited or shows aggressive tendencies, there is no therapeutic help other than strong sedatives. The only advice doctors can give is that ABA is recommended as the best.

Doctors recommend ABA, so parents believe that ABA is recommended because it cures autism. However, they are new to autism. The recommended meaning of ABA is as follows.

“Your child will have to live with autism for the rest of their life. So, please train your child to keep the social rules well so they can survive in the social life~.”

In the mainstream medical system, autism is classified as a DISORDER, which means that it is treated as a lifelong disability that one cannot escape forever.

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