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Asperger's three essentials to cure autism

Asperger’s three essentials to cure autism


Three essential conditions for the cure of Asperger’s autism

What are the three skills you must have if you want to recover autism and reach a neurotypical level?

A lot of parents are working on their children’s Asperger syndrome autism
I’m sure they are hoping that it’ll not only improve the symptoms, but also cure the child to the point of complete recovery.

If your child is currently undergoing treatment,
Can a child really move beyond autism and Asperger to a neurotypical level?
If there are people who are worried, there are three items that must be checked to judge.

This is a very deep part, but in a way, it’s very short and simple.

“Autism vs. Study”

In terms of social development, you can calculate how many years your child is delayed in comparison to other children.

It is easy to understand if you compare these results with “study” that there is a gap with relation to neurotypical children.

For example, the actual age of the child is that of the third grade, but what if he has a level of education that is about the level of the first grade?
Do you have a two-year educational background gap with your peers? What would you do if you want to keep up with the gap?

If you take this example, it’s easy to see the conditions that you need to recover to the reach the same academic level.

Three conditions when a delayed child wants to restore their performance to an age appropriate or neurotypical level

1. You should have a desire to study.
2. The ability to read, write and listen should be possible. = It should be possible to participate in class.
3. The intelligence of studying should be at an average level.

First of all, no matter how hard you force your child to study, he or she must have a desire to study.

No matter how many schools you send your child to and the methods you use to teach it is difficult to narrow the gap if your child does not have an enthusiasm for studying.


Secondly, you have to be able to read, write, and listen to very deeper concepts, therefore the child would need the ability to be able to particpate in the class.

If you can’t see, you can’t concentrate on the class.
If you have problems with hearing and vision, you will have difficulty learning even if you have enthusiasm.

Third, you have to have average intelligence that allows your child to learn beyond what he or she wants to study.

In other words, intelligence should come to an average level.

On average, autistic children with Asperger’s syndrome have a gap of two to three years from their peers.
Only when this gap is caught up can it be judged as neurotypical, which is the same as narrowing the educational gap as above.

Asperger’s syndrome, three conditions for autistic children to recover to a neurotypical level.

​1. You have to have a desire to play with people on your own.
2. You should be able to see people, listen to stories, and speak voluntarily.
3. Learning intelligence to learn how to interact with people should be on a neurotypical level.

– 1. The first condition is that you have a desire to play with people on your own.

Just as a child wants to study, there must be a strong desire for social development.
It’s not about enjoying playing alone, it’s about being a kid who enjoys playing with friends of his age.

If a child likes children,

It expresses the joy of playing with people consistently
You have to push that desire.
It is possible only if there are accurate changes so that the child can even have those characteristics.

2. The second condition is to be able to see people, hear stories, and speak voluntarily.

Children need the ability to see people because they have to learn about people.

What do you mean by listening to people? It’s a call response.
You need to be able to stay focused while interacting with people, and you need to be able to speak through people and language.

In other words, you have to have the ability to learn from people, the ability to sense.

If the children lack these skills, they should recover.
You need to have stable eye contact, a call response, and language skills to learn about people sensibly.

​​3. Third, a learning intelligence that understands how to interact with people should be on a neurotypical level.

If you have both of the above conditions, you like people, you have the ability to play with people, but you have to learn social skills, or social skills, to close the gap the child must have the ability to learn what their friends like and how they don‘t like things through feedback and control of the child themselves, which is the ‘intelligence domain’.

Therefore, if your intelligence is intact, you can recover.
In fact, recovery and access to neurotypical levels can be very difficult if you are significantly less intelligent after undergoing Asperger syndrome or autism treatment.

Even though it’s been six to 12 months since treatment started for Asperger’s autism,
If you haven’t recovered the three functions above, you’re actually failing to treat the child.
In that case, you should think about other treatments.

Many parents hope that their children will become neurotypical by treating their children’s Asperger syndrome autism.

If so, the above three conditions should be recovered as early as 6 months or at the latest within 12 months. If that happens, there is a very high possibility that the child will recover to neurotypical.

However, if you don’t recover after this period, there is a defect in treatment, and you need to find another way to treat it.

An Asperger’s autistic child’s symptoms have now recovered significantly, and in order to get to the neurotypical child level, I would like to reiterate that we need to secure all three conditions that I informed you about above.

No matter how good of an argument a person makes, if your child does not recover the three conditions after six to 12 months, it is time to find a new way of treatment.

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